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Terms of Use
General Terms and Conditions:
First - has been drafted this agreement these Terms of Use by (NIL) Office Najib international law firm very carefully taking into account the clarity and simplicity, objectivity and maximum legal protection so please read this agreement and its conditions carefully before accessing and using the site Najib Power Tools on the Internet.
Second - The site includes several sections of these sections provides certain services are all subject to the provisions of the General organized by subject, each of which is also to the provisions of its own according to the service performed.
Thirdly - The entry site navigation gives tacit consent clearly on all the terms and conditions of this Agreement and all the provisions of the private and public, and by your commitment and your right to object falling on them.
The following sections:
1 - virtual store (sales department).
2 - factory default (Production Department).
3 - Maintenance Department.
4 - Department of adjustment and development.
5 - Department of the invention.
6 - Department of service and support across the network (Electronic Service).
Fourthly - displays the site of some of the names of international brands within slogans in order to explain to the user area and type of work and this is not in any way, for publicity and advertisement for those brands.
Fifthly - This site contains service mark (NPT) and the trademarks and patents and intellectual property rights and trade and human rights and the redistribution of marketing and commercial copyrights and trade secrets belonging to the site and company Najib Power Tools.
All the above-mentioned rights reserved by Najib and Power Tools site (NPT) and are protected by international trade laws.
VI - does not give access to this site the right to copy or publish or download or print or use the files, documents, photos and videos presented in this site did not give any permission or license or right in this regard to one, and the permitted use is only for location services within the browser Web.
The right of the site to stop or limit services or altered or modified or rejected providing any user without the need for prior notice or providing any explanation.
Terms and Conditions :
First - Store (sales department):
1 - Contains Store merchandise and products intended for sale of the brand (NPT) and other commercial brands (see the fourth item on the General Terms and Conditions) and the goods and products intended for trading and legitimate use of law
And non-violation of the laws of international trade.
2 - goods bearing the logo (NPT) are products company Najib Power Tools and own all the intellectual and commercial rights to which they relate.
3 - has not been granted any permit or authorization to resell any of the products brand (NPT) only to dealers and authorized dealers we have in other countries or to our customers who have been agreed with them explicitly to give them the right to re-sell and distribute our products were included this statement during the decades of deals concluded between us.
4 - goods and products bearing the logos of the brands of other business have permits resale rights and distribution documented for us by the corporate owners of the brand or agents accredited and that is installed through bills Wholesale proving our ownership and permits that prove our right to re-sell and distribute these products through authorized dealers.
Secondly - factory (Production Department):
1 - the final shape of products Najib Power Tools marked with (NPT) is subject to intellectual property rights, commercial and industrial.
2 - components and spare parts for products Najib Power Tools marked with (NPT) and its working methods, objectives and plans, all of which are subject to the same intellectual property rights, commercial and industrial products, which they are subject ((NPT final form.
3 - try to be careful as much as possible on our product descriptions and other content and User Pricing and availability to gain the trust of our customers.
4 - There may be from time to time typographical errors, negligence or certain, or inaccuracy something, related to product descriptions or other content or lists pricing and availability, the company take the initiative here soon to fix the imbalance and compensation to those affected.
5 - We reserve the right to make changes in information about prices and descriptions as well as reducing the amount of demand for any product by reducing production or stopped without prior notice and that service policy and the interests of the company's marketing.
Thirdly - the maintenance department:
1 - This section presents the products of different brands of global trade was carried out maintenance work on the basis of its customers who are the owners of two types: basic owners, or clients by owners
2 - products that have conducted maintenance was offered on the site after received by the owners of assets and is in excellent condition.
3- Documenting this section for maintenance and repair work carried out on the products mentioned above but all photos and documents maintenance work is the exclusive right and property of the site ((NPT that customers that turn to us to carry out maintenance work committed to this right this and fall right to any claim relating to it.
4 - All the products are given to us to perform maintenance assume that they legally owned, and the site is not responsible for proving this property in front of others, and the owner of the product to be repaired is the only one in charge to prove it in front of others.
5 - maintenance work carried out by the maintenance department can not be invoked in any way by the customer in front of corporate owners of the brand carried by products that have been maintained and that whether these products within the period of guarantee the company behind the brand or outside the warranty period.
6 - after the delivery of the pieces that we have maintenance work for the owners, we disclaim all subsequent malfunctions resulting from misuse and emergency incidents and thefts.
7 - are not responsible for loss or damage or loss or theft or emergency conditions posed to the products carried by their owners to us to perform maintenance work and leave them for more than three months without a receipt after the completion of maintenance and notified to pick them up.
Fourth: Department of adjustment and development:
1 - We may develop and modify some of the products that bear the trademarks of other companies, either at the request of the customer the owner of the product to suit the nature of the work or because of the lack of spare parts to carry out necessary maintenance and this illness arises when the product is old has stopped production at the manufacturer, or because the company producing agents do not have in our country and we do it in an innovative maintenance to ensure the continuation of the work product.
2 - all the pieces that we modify or develop possess intellectual property rights and trade, the actions we've made even though the subject was originally Intellectual Property Rights and trade company owner brand because of all the pieces and products that are subject to the rights of intellectual and commercial constrained final form and therefore, the interior trim that make up the product if developed or modified or changed subject to new intellectual property rights and commercial,  on the same products with the final form
Department of the invention:
Our department is interested in scientific research and experiments, and thus produce products bearing the recipe of invention and this makes us have the patent rights to the product and we're scoring assets with relevant government departments in the countries concerned.

Very important : this text is translated from the original text in Arabic by automatic translation program and therefore we are  not responsible of mismatch of meaning of translation with the original text, and in the event of disputes , will be the original text in Arabic is the primary reference

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